Seek Deeper Into

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Kevin Noel Olson writes  adventure and children's stories along with poetry and songs. His career spans two decades and several continents. The Tocsin Codex middle-grade trilogy published by Cornerstone Publishers garners praise from professional authors and readers of all ages. 

Kevin Noel Olson

Copyright 2013. Metropolis Populous Productions. All rights reserved.

“Come here,” the worm hissed in a whispering, scratchy sound as it twisted on the sand.
 Eerey shook her head. “Worms can’t talk. 
No vocal cords. No lungs.
 “Mongolian death worms are different," it scratched. "We learned the voice of sand."

“What’s going on out there?” Pen shouted.

 “It’s just a poisonous death worm.” Eerey shouted back.  "You won't die. I might." 

​"That is a relief! I have a morning meeting."
Eerey Tocsin in the Cryptoid Zoo.